Our Story

Here at Willow Creek Meats we ask a simple question, Where does your food come from? For most Americans that answer is not very simple. Your average meal has traveled 1,500 miles to get to your plate. Americans are becoming more and more disconnected from their food. This problem is why Willow Creek Meats began. Willow Creek Meats began when 2 local ranchers teamed up to provide a quality local product to the nearby community. Both operations are extremely unique in how close they are to the growing Denver community.

Not only do we strive to provide to be a quality local meat source for the community but one of our biggest focuses is how our animals can improve our ecosystem. Our livestock’s main purpose is to restore an ecological balance on the land that we manage. We raise our cattle and sheep using holistic grazing practices, mimicking the periodic patterns of native herds of buffalo which once roamed the Great Plains and shaped the landscape. Our planned grazing practices not only result in happy and healthy livestock, but also facilitate the ecological restoration of the largest contiguous prairie landscape in proximity to Denver.

Willow Creek Meats proudly offers Colorado a variety of flavorful and sustainably-raised meats that are raised on our ranches. We offer a variety of 100% grass-fed-and-finished products as well as grass fed, grain finished products. Our grain finished animals are finished on the spent grain from a local brewery. Feeding this spent grain has allowed us to turn almost 6 tons a week of otherwise useless material into food. The grain would have otherwise been sent to the local dump, just another way we try to take care of the environment. All of our animals are raised humanely, assuring that they are treated with care and free of growth hormones and antibiotics.